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We are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join our fast growing company.

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  1. Great Salary

    Say goodbye to your low-paying job. If you have the skills and attitude you will be paid an awesome salary, you won’t bother searching for any other job in the country. We believe great developers should be rewarded with great money too.

  2. Well-designed career path

    You don’t need to be a manager in order to receive a great salary. Be the best in software engineering and find yourself with a higher income than an average project manager. If you prefer to be in management, prove your leadership quality and be our top manager.

  3. Great clients

    Our clients are innovative and future thinking which means your work is not only important to their success but you will have fun doing it.

  4. Amazing team

    You’ll be working with some of the best developers in Indonesia. Take their experience and skills and contribute yours to solve daily problems. Take your skills to the next level.

  5. Awesome office and benefits

    Our brand new development center is awesome and its fitted out with lots of colour, refreshment area, break out areas and we also provide free drinks and snacks all day.

  6. Leading edge technology

    we get to build the coolest applications using the latest technology - you will never be bored.

  7. Work hard and play hard

    We work hard but we also know how to have fun. Enjoy the cool recreational area after working hours.

  8. Telecommuting

    We understand that heavy traffic in the morning is just a nightmare. So prove that you’re loyal to us, deliver excellent results, have a good professional attitude and you can experience our work-from-home program. 60% work in the office, 40% work from home. Say goodbye to heavy morning & evening traffic!