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Please see our list of most commonly asked questions. If you still need your questions answered then please ask Live chat or send us an enquiry via the contact page.

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  • Is Geekseat Australian owned and managed?

    Yes it is, all accounts are managed and invoiced from Australia and all development is conducted out of our Development Centre in Indonesia.

  • Do you offer Fixed Price, Fixed Time projects?

    No we don’t, fixed price projects never work. Please discuss this with one of our consultants why we don’t offer this option.

  • Can I hire developers on a month-to-month basis?

    Yes you can. You can scale your development team up and down each month depending on your workload. We just need one weeks notice before the start of the next billing period.

  • Are all Geekseat developers employees or are they contractors?

    All Geekseat developers and testers are employees of Geekseat and all sign comprehensive employee agreements.

  • Are Geekseat developers University qualified?

    Yes, all our developers are University qualified Software Engineers.

  • Can we structure our teams how we want?

    Yes you can structure your team with the skills that best suit your needs. You can select developers from Senior Developers to Graduate Programmers.

  • Do you bill in advance or in arrears?

    We bill all clients 30 days in advance.

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