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These are the 6 steps that we follow from initial contact to setting up your seat outsource team.

  1. Requirements Analysis

    The first step is determining your requirements so we can help suggest the right number of developers (skillset & experience) that you need. You may already have a clear understanding of what level of developer and what particular skill set you require, this will help accelerate this step in the overall process.

  2. Cost Proposal

    Based on the results of the requirements analysis, we will create a cost proposal that covers the cost breakdown per offshore employee and any other ancillary costs specific to your project/team.

  3. Team Member Selection

    Our Recruitment team will start looking for available developers that match your requirements. Once we shortlist suitable candiates you will be sent their CV's for review and you are free to interview them over the phone or skype etc.

  4. Development Environment Setup

    Our IT team will be responsible for assigning office space and setting up workstations and hardware/software for the offshore developers. It may be necessary for them to coordinate with your in-house IT/Development team to ensure that all requirements are dealt with and they are mirroring your local development team setup.

  5. Operations Framework

    Your Australian account manager that has assisted you through this process along with one of our offshore team leaders will discuss the training, reporting structure, metrics, key performance indicators (KPIs), and management framework for the team.

  6. Go live

    Now that your offshore team has everything in place they are ready to start working on tasks. We recommend the first week (depending on requirements etc) be dedicated for training and orientation about what your company is all about, the project background and the goals and objectives. No different to how you induct a local employee.

Awesome, right?

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