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We are a software solutions and staffing company, and our aim is to create beautiful, functional, user centric software for our clients. Geekseat’s innovative technological solutions are designed to solve problems, help you reach your business goals and improve lives.

Geekseat Project Solutions

Are you looking for the right team to implement your entire end-to-end solution?

Geekseat Project Solutions is your all-in-one solution. Whether you have an idea you need to bring to life, or a completely fleshed out specification just waiting to be built; Geekseat will provide you with the team to turn your great concept into a great product.

Book a free project discovery session with our team to see how we would approach your project, or bring your idea to life!

Software Developer as a Service (SDaaS)

Are you looking for a flexible, cost-effective way to expand your software development team?

Changes in your industry can lead to fluctuations in your workflow and demand, leaving you in a difficult position. At Geekseat, we remove the hassle of dealing with these changes by offering you a fully scalable service. Our team is equipped with a depth of knowledge and skills, giving you all the perks and benefits of your own software developer without having to commit to permanent staff.

Geekseat Project Solutions

Software Developer as a Service

“Geekseat delivered what they promised. On time and on budget. The team were great to work with and the end result was a product our users love

Elouise Paul - Director APAC of Prominence Group

Project Highlights

V-Unite had an urgent requirement for a sophisticated Virtual Event product. They used Geekseat Project Solutions.

Roi-AI needed developers, designers and QA to add to their existing team. They used SDaaS.

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