Project Description

Geekseat Project Solutions

Company Background

V-Unite is a platform where virtual and hybrid events spark audience interaction wherever they are. V-Unite aims to create a bridge that connects their customers to sustainable solutions for inspired virtual event experiences.

V-Unite makes it easy for users to set up, schedule and organize their own virtual experiences. Their platform is built on a foundation of intuitive self-service; having an innovative modular system where users can create various rooms based on pre-designed templates or their own photography to fully build their experience online and see the preview instantly. Everything for planning, scheduling, and hosting users’ online events, is conveniently accessible in one place with V-Unite’s platform.

The Problem

V-Unite began running virtual events as a hybrid solution prior to the onset of COVID-19 and envisioned this as the way of the future. The events were being ran on a purchased product and this proved troublesome to V-Unite. V-Unite struggled to customize their platform to suit their clients’ differing needs. From availability to lack of support V-Unite realised this problem would have to be solved through customised software development. Having engaged with another software development house to build the product and not being presented with code that was suitable for their service, V-Unite chose Geekseat. Geekseat was challenged with giving V-Unite a bespoke build with a very tight deadline.

Timeline from scoping to development


2 Weeks


4 Months

Feature Upgrades


The Solution

As we were operating on a short deadline to create the product they required, we integrated third party products and manual work arounds as an interim solution. Using the MVP (minimal viable product) approach allowed us to create a product that could be tested to garner feedback. V-Unite’s client, Handi Media, gave them the opportunity to understand how the clients were using their improved product and this proved to give a great outcome for both parties.

After the initial delivery of the product, we then spent the month after refining the product and removing the workarounds. As an agile organisation, we were able to pivot to their client’s needs, and today’s product has many more features and is very different to what was first built. With continuous upgrades being done by the Geekseat team, V-Unite’s platform is constantly evolving, servicing their many clients effortlessly.

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